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Kurtos Kalacs EASY mix

It has been developed to increase the shelf life of the Kurtos Kalacs. The mix is ideal for sweet or savoury Kurtos Kalacs and it is packed in 15kg heavy bags. One bag of REGULAR MIX will produce approximately 660 dough balls (170-180g).

Kurtos EASY mix benefits
  • Natural ingredients
  • Products stay fresher for longer
  • Improve the elasticity
  • Enhance the flavor
  • Improves the texture
Chimney cake mix

Perforated Serving Bags
  • Food safe bags
  • Designed for bakery products
  • Micro perforated
  • Kurtos stays fresher for longer
  • Suitable for standard Kurtos
  • 1000 bags per order
Chimney cake bags 01
Chimney cake bags 02

Chocolate melter 1,5L
  • Melts chocolate, honey, peanut etc. to a consistency which is easy to apply to the baked Kurtos.
  • Simple to use
  • Thermostatically controlled
  • No water required
Chocolate melter 01
Chocolate melter 02

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