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Which Kürtőskalács accessories should I order?

We supply high quality accessories which are designed and manufactured to use in the production of Kürtőskalács / Chimney Cake. All our racks and cutters are manufactured in high quality food safe stainless steel. Cooking roll racks are supplied in pieces, packed flat in a box for protection and easy transport. Final assembly is done by the customer & clear instructions are provided.

Chimney cake rollCooking Rolls
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Cooking rolls

Most vendors will start off with at least 16 cooking rolls when starting a new business with one Kürtőskalács / Chimney Cake. We manufacture a beach wood cooking roll which has a stainless steel pin and a wooden handle or a stainless steel cooking roll which has a stainless steel pin and a POM handle. So that our vendors can give their customers more choice, we manufacture several different sizes of cooking rolls, some of which are thinner than the standard size, which are ideal for filling.

Roll surface rack 02Wall and surface racks
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Cooking roll wall and surface racks

The Kürtőskalács / Chimney Cake cooking roll wall rack can hold up to 10 cooking rolls. The wall rack is useful for vendors working in a location with limited space such as a catering trailer or kiosk as it can be positioned on the wall which frees up surface space. When the wall rack is filled with cooking rolls, potential customers often stop and look. Some customers order more wall racks and Kürtőskalács / Chimney Cake cooking rolls solely as a feature. Our business packages include a cooking roll wall rack, however if you intend to work in a kiosk or market stall tent and have no walls to fit the rack to, you can choose to swap the wall rack for an equivalent size surface rack.

The cooking roll surface rack is available as a single rack (holds 5 rolls) a double rack (holds10 rolls) and a triple rack (holds 15 rolls). Surface racks are easily transported or moved so can be placed in the optimum position. Cooking roll rack are especially useful when you need a stable place to raise the dough, when the dough is on the cooking rolls.

Kurtoskalacs cutterKurtos cutter
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Kurtos cutter & party kurtos cutter

This cutter can be assembled to cut a standard size Kürtőskalács (20cm) into two or three sections or pieces. Many customers use this cutter to make two 10cm size Kurtos Kalacs which is a similar size to 'Trdelnik'.

If you want to offer your customers a sample to try before they buy, then the party cutter is a handy tool to have. The cutter will split the dough into six individual rings, and when baked, the rings can be separated.

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