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Chimney Cake, Kürtőskalács, Kürtös Kalács, Trdelnik, Kurtosh, Baumstriezel, Horn Cake, Székely Cake, Hungarian Twister, Куртош калач, Cozonac Secuiesc

There are so many names that relate to the sweet, crunchy, fluffy, irresistible pastry or sweet bread that originates from Eastern Europe. These twisted, spiral, chimney shaped treats are not just delicious, but fascinating to watch being made right before your eyes, using traditional methods passed down from generation to generation.

If you are thinking of introducing a new product to your existing range or you wish to establish a new highly profitable business selling tasty Chimney Cake / Kürtőskalács from a catering trailer, kiosk, market stall, shopping centre, bakery, coffee shop, cafe, restaurant, snack bar, tourist location, festival or event, then CONTACT US for advice.

The quality of our products is second to none and we can help you grow a successful business with our exceptional customer service and support. We have supplied our commercial Kürtöskalács / Chimney Cake ovens, accessories and Kürtöskalács EASY mix to customers in over 60 countries. We have welcomed customers from all over the world to our Kurtos Academy in Europe for training and we have travelled halfway across the planet to pass on the necessary skills needed to become a great Chimney cake baker. Some of our customers are sole traders while others are larger companies who have established chains or franchises.

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If Dracula had a sweet tooth, he would have eaten Chimney Cake /Kürtöskalács.

Chimney Cake / Kürtős Kalács was originally baked over hot coals by Hungarians residing in Transylvania, Romania - the home of the mythical Dracula!

Originally the pastry or cake was only baked on special occasions, such as weddings or festivals. However the popularity of the product has grown & once a festive treat, is now is now part of everyday consumption.

To make the product, dough is rolled by hand into an even strip & is wrapped, like a ribbon, around a wooden or steel cooking roll. It is then coated in sugar & baked in a purpose made oven or on a gas or charcoal grill. A topping of choice is then sprinkled on the baked Kürtőskalács while they’re hot & sticky. The caramelised sugar on the surface creates a sweet, crispy crust while inside the dough is fluffy & soft.

We make ours the traditional way, but we’re always innovating too. Three years ago, we developed a savoury version using exactly the same dough recipe. But instead of sugar, we roll the Kürtőskalács in cheese & season them with salt, garlic & various herbs. It makes a mouth-watering, tasty snack or light lunch & passing on this knowledge to our vendors enables then to offer their customers more choice.

We’re always developing new products that stay ahead of the competition. Unlike other manufactures of Kürtőskalács / Chimney cake equipment, we BAKE, we TEST and we are always looking for ways to INNOVATE. So why not CONTACT US to find out how Kürtőskalács or Chimney Cake can increase your footfall & profit?

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